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Sprint Performance is a Dutch drag race team competing in the NSSC Championship, a dutch moped drag race. They have made extensive use of modern maker techniques to build and improve their bikes. This is their Makerstory.

team sprint performance

The NSSC championship is a Dutch moped drag race championship in which the rider and machine have to cover 150m from a standing start, as fast as possible. Sprint Performance is a drag race team that has been competing in this championship for over 6 years now and we have built awesome bikes for drag racing. Our previous bike for example, was built for the 50cc shifter class. We became Dutch champion with it, the fastest time achieved on a 150m run was 7.130 seconds and 0-100 is faster than a Lotus Elise S. The corresponding top speed was an impressive 110 km/h.

After our success in the 50cc shifter class in 2014, we set a new goal for ourselves in 2015. We started building a new bike for the 70cc shifter class to challenge for the championship. The new machine had to be lighter, faster and more powerful than any of our previous machines. In order to achieve these targets, rapid prototyping, 3D scanning and 3D printing techniques were used extensively:

  • mold carbon3D printing has been used for rapid prototyping in order to verify the designs of individual parts before they were machined from high grade metals. This allowed for verification of the design such that for example, the rider position on the bike was tuned perfectly beforehand.
  • In order to reduce the weight, non-structural parts like the data logger support or the bolts and nuts used to mount the front and rear fenders were replaced by equivalent plastic parts.
  • 3D scanning and printing has been used to develop moulds for casting aluminum cylinders and vacuum injection molding of carbon parts.

Sprintperformance afb bikeThe new derbi 70cc shifter bike (as displayed) has been used on the dragstrip just once on the SPR weekend meeting in Salbris, France. The first results were 6.83 seconds on the 150m with a top speed of 117 kmh, which was enough to get first place in France. These promising results will hopefully be bettered this weekend as the bike will make its debut in Urk.

Besides the achieved results, Sprint Performance is still constantly working on improving the performance of their bike. Our own developed cylinder will be making its debut soon and numerous parts are still being improved as they discover new printing filaments and materials. If you are interested and want to know more about us, feel free to follow us on our Sprint Performance facebook page.

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